Joining the late 20th century

What did it feel like to be the last buggy whip driver on a road crammed with exhaust spewing Fords?  A sailmaster staring at the stern of an ironsided steamship? A telegraph operator making his first phone call?

Those people likely felt more existential terror than the last security geek without a blog feels, although I do approach this project with a bit of trepidation.  There are already many fantastic security bloggers out there, and I doubt my voice is something the masses were pining for (“Why is there not more representation of bousie Western polo-shirt-wearing males of Greek descent among the security blogosphere?” they wail plaintively).

Still, if one is going to be a topic of conversation, one should be a part of that conversation.  Since it seems that my future endeavors will likely need more than 160 characters of justification I resign myself to learn the workings of the horseless carriage.

Posted from Somerset House, The Strand, London

Somerset House


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